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Spring preparation for planting starts with plowing the soil. This exposes fresh soil from down deep for the new crop.


Behind the plow is a packer which helps keep the soil in-place, and makes a smooth surface for the planters.

Seed Preparation

While the soils is being prepared for planting, the farm is preparing seed potatoes for planting by cutting them into small pieces to be placed in the ground. The potatoes we ship to market are grown from small pieces of seed potatoes grown under very specific conditions.


The planter places the seed pieces in the soil at a particular spacing, and covers them—the end result is the well-defined hills and furrows.


Not too long after being placed in the soil, the seed piece begins to sprout roots, and the plant emerges from the soil.


Warm daytime temperatures and lots of water allow these plants to develop quickly.

  Row Closure

As the plants grow, they create a lush green canopy across the field.  

The blossom

As the plant matures, blossoms form. Different varieties of potatoes have differing colors of blossoms. These pictured are Russett Norkotah potatoes, superior for table stock due to their light, fluffy texture.  

Potato Harvest

Harvesters are pulled behind tractors slowly through the fields to ensure as much bruise-free handling as possible. 

Potato Harvest

Just the right temperature allows for successful harvest; too cold and the potatoes damage, too hot and they damage as well.  


Many potatoes are shipped to consumers directly from the field. However, more are stored to be shipped throughout the year in very carefully controlled buildings.


From the storage, potatoes are hauled to Wahluke Produce where they are washed in preparation for sizing, sorting and packaging.


Machines do most of the work, but we still have real people taking a careful look at each potato before it is placed in a package. Our commitment to quality requires us to take the extra step for the one or two bad potatoes that might otherwise slip past


We make a variety of package sizes and styles. Here we are making 10 pound bags for a grocery store on the East Coast.


Once orders are filled, we hold the finished packs in the cold room until the truck arrives. The cold room is kept very cool and dark to keep the potatoes fresh.


Refrigerated trucks from all over the country come to our facility and haul the finished packs to grocery stores, restaurants, food service companies and distributors. These truckers provide a valuable service in getting the produce from the farm to the table.


At the market, our potatoes can be easily spotted with the famous Tatoes Brand label. The colorful, fresh label represents our unending goal of providing fresh, high-quality potatoes from the field to the table.